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Importance of Corporate Governance in Modern Business and Its Pivotal Role

The importance of good corporate governance practices are vital in an era of transparency, accountability, and company sustainability. Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance mentioned that 64% of investors believe weak governance practices are the most crucial factor, alongside poor financial performance when making investment decisions.  Thus, boards should at least compare and track…

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Why Board Transparency Matters: The Basics, Examples, and Practices Towards Better Governance

boardroom accountability and transparency

These days, more than ever before, transparency in corporate governance is crucial. With millennials finally outnumbering other generations and representing 35% of the American labor force, for-profit and nonprofit organizations must adapt quickly. In this article, we’ll explore five critical indicators of transparent governance, the top seven most transparent companies in the world, and some…

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Board Member Duties, Roles and Responsibilities You Need to Know

board member responsibilities

The board of directors is the mind and heart of every organization. The board’s streamlined corporate governance and forward thinking dictate success, while poor decision-making often results in a fiasco.  Each member of the board has the power to improve the way directors collaborate. To make these improvements effectively, it is vital for the director…

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