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How Government Leaders Can Be Effective in 2020

local leaders

It should come as no surprise that the responsibilities of any local government are vast, demanding, and continually growing. There isn’t a day that goes by where there aren’t (collectively) thousands of tasks, initiatives, services, and campaigns that require some level of focus. Furthermore, local government leaders don’t have much room for error, as they’re…

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The Evolving Role of the Corporate Secretary

corporate secretary

There are three consistent factors involved throughout the operations of most boards of directors: Institutional investors necessitate increased engagement There’s a growing emphasis centered around corporate sustainability Boards are expected to have a firmer grasp on a broader scope of topics, such as: Cybersecurity Human capital Company culture The impact of these various aspects necessitates…

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Why Should Education Boards Use a Board Portal?

education board

It’s all too common that an education board can fail to function like regular businesses. Sure, colleges and universities – for instance – have historically monopolized the education industry. Now, however, the landscape is changing—and online learning platforms are providing genuine competition. Plus, the younger population is now hesitant to take on student loans (if…

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