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Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Board Software

Technological solutions, when implemented correctly, do absolute wonders for an organization’s productivity and profits. There’s one caveat to the above statement—that being the word “correctly.” To implement solutions the right way necessitates choosing a technology that encapsulates the ideal fit for an organization. Why? Because implementing tech that doesn’t fit will cost companies both time and money…

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Benefits of Using Tablets in the Boardroom

tablets in the boardroom

Tablet computers like the iPad have changed the way the world consumes content and the way everybody views portable computer systems in general. Many people get excited about the opportunities to browse the internet, listen to music, or to play games in a sleek, non-clunky manner. However, tablets aren’t just valuable for consumers utilizing the…

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the Boardroom

artificial intelligence

Implementation of artificial intelligence and automation in the boardroom – of all places – doesn’t really seem to jive with conventional wisdom. Boardrooms conjure the most significant decisions about an organization’s past, present, and future. This necessitates in-depth thought—which traditionally isn’t something that can be automated in any shape or form. Realistically, can AI be…

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