Last update: January 9, 2020

How to Create a New Meeting

STEP 1: Navigate to MeetingsSelect the “Meetings” tab in the menu.

STEP 2: Create a Meeting
Click on the “Create Meeting” button.

A separate window will open for you to fill out basic meeting information.

STEP 3: Assign a Group
Assign a “Group/Governing Body” from your company the meeting is for.

STEP 4: Select Meeting Type
Select which type of meeting is going to take place:

1. “In-person” is a regular meeting of individuals to discuss matters. Meetings can take place in-person or remotely.

2. “Written Consent” is a type of meeting where the agenda is sent to all meeting participants for voting.

Voting is done asynchronously and meeting participants do not meet in-person or remotely.

Click here to learn more about managing written consent meeting types.

3. Select “Extraordinary” checkbox

This toggle enables you to create a meeting outside of your regularly scheduled meeting routine. Since this meeting is irregular a justification is needed.
STEP 5: Enter Meeting Details
Enter the basic meeting details after you selected the meeting type. Here are the fields, you will need to type in:

  1. Add “Location” (e.g., conference room, boardroom, meeting room, etc.)
  2. Enter the street “Address”
  3. Enter a “Meeting number”

Note: if you don’t enter a number, the meeting number is automatically generated based on how many previous meetings for the chosen group/governing body have taken place.

4. Select the meeting starting date and time. Also, you can define the deadlines for this meeting.

STEP 6: Save All Changes
Once you’ve entered your desired information, you will click“Save”.