Last update: January 31, 2020

How to Invite Participants to a Meeting

STEP 1: Navigate to the Meeting

Once the meeting has been created, navigate to it and scroll down to the bottom. Under the Participants section you will see the permanent members from the relevant Group. These members have been automatically added to the meeting.

STEP 2: Invite meeting participants and members

To invite participants or additional members:

1. Click the plus sign next to “Invitee

2. All active members of your iDeals Board account will come up. Select participants to add them to the meeting and press “Save Choice“.

3. Upon selecting them, they will receive a notification they were invited to the meeting.

A key benefit of this feature is they can be invited to an entire meeting or just a segment. If they are invited to just one agenda item, then they will not see the rest of the meeting or any documents or action items not associated with the chosen matter.