Last update: January 31, 2020

How to Manage an In-Motion Meeting


To start the meeting, the coordinator will navigate to the meeting and click on the Actions button. With the options displayed like below, select “Start meeting.”


After confirming the action to start the meeting, iDeals Board will reload the page and update the status. You will see the ability to join the meeting in-motion, as well as all participants. This can also be done by clicking on the meeting in the top menu bar.


Upon joining the meeting in-motion, the below screen will load.

1. Start the review of your Agenda Items by clicking “Start review.”

2. On this screen, you can add additional decisions, add notes to the “Discussion” tab, and add decision points.


If voting is required, you will click “Begin Voting”.

NOTE: A proposed decision must be entered before voting can begin.

1. Once every attendee has voted the voting will automatically close and the status of the matter will transition to Decision Pending.

2. If not all of the invitees joined the meeting, meaning not everyone has voted, the meeting coordinator can end the voting manually.

NOTE: If any attendee is unable to vote or has mistakenly voted incorrectly, the meeting coordinator can input or change anyone’s vote from the Proposed Decisions tab.


At the close of the meeting, the meeting coordinator will navigate back to the meeting page using the link at the top of the meeting in-motion page.

Using the Actions button, the coordinator will select “Finish meeting” and confirm the action.