Last update: January 31, 2020

How to Manage Meeting Minutes

How to Manage Meeting MinutesAfter a meeting has been concluded in iDeals Board, meeting minutes can be generated and downloaded with a click of a button.

STEP 1: Prepare Meeting Minutes1. Click the “Actions” button dropdown

2. Select “Prepare minutes” (it changes the meeting status from “In motion” to “Concluded”)

STEP 2: Generate Meeting Minutes

1. Click the “Actions” dropdown.

2. Select “Generate minutes” (it changes the meeting status to “Minutes Pending”).

NOTE: Once the page reloads, the meeting minutes will automatically generate based on the template selected within the implementation phase.

The content can include elements of the meeting such as:

The format of the minutes can be structured in any way that Microsoft Word allows and can also include elements such as the company logo. The template can be customized by the iDeals Board team by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

3. After the minutes have been generated, the document enters a draft status.

Based on the permissions, any meeting participant can download the minutes and make any necessary changes. The revised document can then be re-uploaded to the meeting.

NOTE: Once the document has been finalized, the meeting coordinator will proceed with publishing the meeting minutes. Changes cannot be made after the meeting minutes have been published.

STEP 3: Edit Meeting Minutes

1. Within this status, the generated meeting minutes can be edited. Click the “Actions” and select “Edit”.

2. Edit the document minutes form.

3. Press “Save“.

STEP 4: View Meeting Minutes Online

1. In meeting minutes document page, press “View online” button.

2. It will bring you to the Word online view page. Here you can review the document and print it.

STEP 5: Download Meeting Minutes

3. A group member can download the document and make changes using a 3rd party editor such as Microsoft Word.

STEP 6: Upload Document Versions with the Changes Made

1. Click on “Actions” and select “Edit” option in the same page.

2. Select the “Upload file” option to upload the new document version.

3. Press “Save

4. The revised document will show on the same page.

STEP 7: Publish Meeting Minutes

Once the meeting minutes have been finalized and/or approved, the meeting coordinator can:

1. Click the “Actions” button and select “Publish” in the dropdown menu.

2. Press “Publish”.

3. The meeting minutes will now be viewable by all meeting members from the meeting page.If you have any further questions regarding Meeting Minutes and how they work, please reach out to your CSM.