Last update: January 31, 2020

How to Manage Action Items


To access an Action Item, click “Action Items” from the Main Menu or the Action Items section from your device. The screen will load, and you will see a list of all Action Items created.

Recurring Action Items:

In order to create a Recurring Action Item using iDeals Board, you will follow nearly the same steps as creating a one-time Action Item. However, the Recurring Action Item feature allows you to choose the frequency in which this task needs to be completed. Upon choosing this, click “Save” and it will be complete.

Entering Milestones:

From within an Action item, to enter a milestone, you will click the (+) next to “Edit milestone” and enter the details and click “Save.”

Updating Status:

To update the status of your Action Item, you will navigate to “Actions” and choose the appropriate selection. By default, all Action Items start as “Planned.”

Approval Process:

If an Action Item requires approval, you will notice an “Approver” and under “Actions” you will have the option to “Send for approval” once you have completed your work.