Why an Education Board Should Use a Digital Meeting Management Solution

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It’s now the year 2019. Yet, when looking into the various processes and procedures involved in a given board of education’s meetings, one would think it was 1993.

Sure, grunge music was great, and everybody loves to wear plaid. But with the wealth of technology available to boards of education, they’re failing to generate the most possible value out of their meetings.

The public-school system is producing the minds of future leaders. Boards are responsible for ensuring that both the infrastructure and framework are both in place for students to succeed. Failing to leverage digital technology that will drastically streamline meetings while enhancing communications is, in essence, failing the students and their teachers.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of an education system starts at the top. Namely, with its board of directors. These boards should be utilizing the right tools to ensure transparency, efficiency, accountability, and improved organization. 

Digital Meeting Software Solutions Offer Transparency on Every Issue

Every single board meeting for a board of education is going to present a multitude of pressing topics. From issues with bullying to testing/grading standards, budgeting, and fundraising, it can be challenging to keep up with everything.

Each individual board member must have access to all the information and materials regarding every single issue. A director’s hectic schedule makes it virtually impossible to be prepared when that information is haphazardly strewn out in a series of papers.

With digital meeting solutions, the critical information on each of these subjects is readily available in one easily accessible portal.

Not only does this ensure more efficient communication, but it also guarantees transparency because each director has access to the same information. There won’t be any discrepancies like there would be with paper communications.

With Digital Meeting Solutions, All Board Members Are Accountable

Like any human being, board members can get sidetracked. And without the proper tools in place, they’ll fail to go out of their way to be informed on meeting topics.

When information is available in a digital portal, there’s no excuse for board members failing to be studied up on the relevant subject matter.

Therefore, the accountability for each board director is increased exponentially. Instead of being complacent, passive meeting attendants, they’re empowered to contribute actively to the process. In other words, directors can’t fob off responsibility onto ‘someone else’ who was supposedly responsible for transferring the necessary research if they’re ill-prepared.

Time Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness 

While budgeting is a fundamental issue for any board, creating board books for every meeting isn’t a very efficient method. Board members don’t have that kind of time to waste—and as the old saying goes, time is money.

With digital meeting solutions, educational boards can publish their books online. Not only is this more time and cost-efficient, but it’s also a transparent measure because directors and trustees can access the numbers at the press of a button.

Are you part of a board of education but have yet to implement digital meeting solutions into your standards and practices? It’s time to enter 2019 and to begin leveraging these tools for the best possible results. Contact us today to find out more. 

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