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Simply set agendas, create board packs, vote, take minutes, assign actions and store files for free.
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Before meetings

  • Organise and share agenda, matters, and supporting materials
  • Dynamically update the agenda to stay focused on critical matters
  • Send and manage invitations for the whole meeting or individual agenda items
  • Share information and drafts in advance for improved decision-making and action planning
“Everything is now in one place. In no loger spend countless hours on Outlook finding documents”
Patricia Potyaka
Director of Marketing and Business Operations Manager, International Accelerator

During meetings

  • Conduct meetings in person or written-consent through web or mobile app
  • Broadcast the meeting to all participants and capture notes, and discussion points
  • Take votes during the meetings and create new decision points on the fly
  • Initiate action items, set deadlines, assign owners, assistants and approvers
  • Automatically send notifications to create accountability and ownership

After meetings

  • Automatically send reminders and provide statistics on action item progress
  • Provide ongoing and secure access to all issues, decisions, and actions
  • Automatically create meeting minutes
  • Ensure compliance with processes, requirements, and security governance
  • Provide easy access to often used documents and ability to share safely and securely
“With Board my team is spending far less time to prepare for meetings. And follow-ups after meetings are not only easier, but also never missed”
David Valger
CTO at DVO real estate

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