How to run a board meeting and set the stage for effective meetings

Convening an average of 9.7 meetings annually, board meeting management plays a pivotal role in corporate governance. As per a staggering statistic, 65% of non-executive directors are burdened with additional commitments which often involve the intricacies of meeting management.  This highlights the urgent need to establish an effective framework for conducting a board meeting, where…

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Board resolution management for corporate secretaries

Boards are responsible for steering the company and making significant decisions that affect shareholders and the organization. Beyond these crucial responsibilities, an overwhelming 95% of directors and executives consider it their foremost duty to cultivate and protect stakeholders’ trust. . Building trust among stakeholders significantly impacts how the board makes decisions. Thus, the resolution of…

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A comprehensive guide on elevating board effectiveness

board effectiveness

Board engagement model and information infrastructure are two key components of effective board governance, according to Deloitte. These, along with an effective board of directors, a well-functioning corporate governance framework, and a board effectiveness assessment are critical to protecting your company and enduring board effectiveness.  When navigating corporate governance, companies frequently seek guidance on board…

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Make your board meetings more efficient today