Benefits of Using a Board Portal in the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare is an industry where the stakes are high. Anybody on a board of directors will be charged with crucial decisions that can impact the overall well-being of patients. These decisions are responsible for saving lives.

Deciding how to run hospitals and medical practices have many facets and moving parts. Trying to do so without technology is akin to performing surgery with two hands tied behind one’s back.

Boards of directors far and wide have been utilizing portal software to streamline their operations. The healthcare industry is no different. Given its fast-paced and urgent nature, implementing such technology is non-negotiable.

Let’s investigate a bit further:

Board Portals Are Flexible

Preparing for board meetings without portal technology means printing and shipping physical materials.

Board members tend to be all over the place. To receive the necessary information, they must remain stationary, so they don’t miss out on receiving those essential materials.

For healthcare board members, they must be able to remain on the move so they can network and procure funding, etc.

With board portal technology comes the ability to acquire critical board materials no matter one’s location. An executive can be on the other side of the world and can access the same information as another board member who’s stayed local without any discrepancies.

What makes this feature so valuable is that information can change at the drop of a hat due to the fast-paced nature of the healthcare industry. Couriering physical materials mean that specific data might all be irrelevant by the time it reaches everybody, and it’s time for the board meeting.

Board Portals are Highly Secure

Boards of all shapes and sizes, and in all manners of industries, must have a laser-like focus on cybersecurity. In 2020, malicious internet users are looking to get a hold of sensitive information, causing organizational strife far and wide.

Well, that goes double for healthcare, which experiences twice the number of cyberattacks as other industries, according to stats from 2017. In fact, that year, the number of security incidents saw a 210% boost, where 5.6 million patient records were affected.

Fortunately, portal software provides razor-tight security for healthcare boards of directors who should always be vigilant about their highly sensitive data.

Board Portals Provide Centralized Organization

The notion of all material being in one place doesn’t just provide optimal flexibility for healthcare board members.

It also gives board members the peace of mind in knowing that all relevant information will be centralized to one place. They don’t have to concern themselves with missing out on anything crucial. Everything they need will be accessible at the simple click of a button, no questions asked.

Does Your Healthcare Board Use Portal Technology?

Really, in today’s fast-paced business climate, decision-makers in the healthcare industry need to give themselves a leg-up with technology. Failing to do so will only leave them behind the eight-ball until they finally wake up and smell the roses.

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