What is the Role of the Executive Committee?

executive committee meeting room

Whenever a large group gets organized—officially, it’s typically done by the dream team, which goes by many names including the Board of Governors, Overseers, Directors, or Trustees. They then appoint, hire, or dispense with the selection of the numerous operating offices of their organization such as the treasurer, vice president, president, and other officers. The…

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What to Look for in Senior Executives

senior executive

For seasoned board members and any other kind of executive, it’s always good to assess what it is that constitutes a dependable, effective senior executive. Otherwise, it’s likely to rest on one’s laurels and fall into bad habits. Conversely, newer board members and executives might still be learning what encapsulates a quality member of a…

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How Government Leaders Can Be Effective in 2020

local leaders

It should come as no surprise that the responsibilities of any local government are vast, demanding, and continually growing. There isn’t a day that goes by where there aren’t (collectively) thousands of tasks, initiatives, services, and campaigns that require some level of focus. Furthermore, local government leaders don’t have much room for error, as they’re…

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