A Quorum for Board Meetings: Basic Requirements and Challenges

quorum for board meeting

Based on our observations, directors and officers are facing extra pressure in 2022–2023. Due to pressing business challenges, legislators and stakeholders require greater transparency and better involvement in solving ongoing problems. Achieving and maintaining a quorum required for a board meeting in such an environment is more than just a requisite. It facilitates faster and…

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Improving Stakeholder Reporting: 7 Practical Tips to Follow

stakeholders reporting

Productive stakeholder engagement is vital for companies’ growth. Not only does it help to use stakeholders’ vision to set relevant goals in a corporate strategy, but it also keeps stakeholders motivated and actively involved in the company’s operations.  Stakeholders reporting is one of the ways to improve stakeholder involvement. This article discusses the main benefits…

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How to Measure Board Effectiveness: Best Practices, Tools, Methods

business woman balancing effectiveness of board meeting

Even though many boards believe performance evaluations enhance overall board effectiveness, only about 50% of organizations conduct them regularly.  In this article, we’ll explore why the board evaluation process is so important and how to measure board effectiveness.  The importance of regular board evaluations Board evaluations are crucial for the effective functioning of an organization….

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Best Practices for Nonprofit Board of Directors for Growth and Meaningful Impact

Nonprofit volunteers

Nonprofit organizations play a critical role in the global economy, with over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. alone, employing 12 million people (7.5% of working Americans) and contributing around 6% to the country’s GDP.  Such a huge impact is possible, particularly due to the well-coordinated work of nonprofit board members and the…

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