When Should Company Bylaws Be Updated?

discussing company bylaws

It’s only natural for people to become set in their ways. And grouping a bunch of people together into a collective (i.e., a board of directors), can increase the stubbornness tenfold. It’s not entirely uncommon for organizations – starting at the top – to follow procedures because ‘that’s how they’ve always been done.’ No matter…

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Why Your Board Needs a Risk Committee

manage risk committee

With technology growing at rapid rates, organizations in all industries are open to an array of pathways yet to be traveled. Now, this is quite positive. Businesses benefit from previously inconceivable opportunities to increase profits. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. The world is an increasingly complicated place—and as tech grows at a lightning pace,…

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What Are Circular Motions?

circular motion agreement

When the board of directors of an organization signs a document with wording implicating that they are in favor of the proposed resolution, it’s called a circular motion. Companies with established procedures will utilize circular motions instead of passing a resolution at a convened board meeting. Circular motions are appropriate for routine resolutions that rouse…

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Types of Board Committees

a board committee during a board meeting

The work of a board of directors is accomplished through an array of smaller groups within its sphere.  Boards commonly leverage standing, ad hoc, advisory, steering, and executive committees to ensure optimal efficiency. Every board of directors needs to be diligent about assessing their committee structure. For instance, in a leaner organization, limiting the number…

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What is Unanimous Consent?

unanimous consent at a board meeting

For the most part, when a board of directors alters business operations or procedures, there’s some form of preceding written motion. However, ad hoc and in-the-moment diversions from company standards can happen when obtaining the consent of all present board members. This method of veering away from an organization’s usual standards and practices is known…

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How long should a board meeting last?

Proper length of a board meeting

When a board meeting runs too long, it can be detrimental to your organization for several reasons. First and foremost, it throws off schedules. On top of that, the more extended the meeting, the less engaged its attendees. It’s an inefficiency that stems from poor planning, communication, and execution.  Conversely, board meetings that end in…

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