Digital board books: exploring the benefits and what problems they solve for board members

Digital board books: exploring the benefits and what problems they solve for board members

Updated: July 31, 2023
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A board book is a guide for directors during the meeting. It is a collection of up-to-date information on a non-profit organization. Its importance lies in the fact that all the necessary data is in one place that is convenient for holding meetings.

Information technology development is changing the tools and approaches that directors choose. Board books are no exception and have become digital. There are some reasons to go for it. 

1. Digital board books improve directors’ preparation

Paper board books have flaws that inspired developers to create a more user-friendly alternative. That is because the traditional format becomes exhausting when it comes to the sheer number of pages.

Imagine a situation where a board administrator has to add some details to the data before the meeting starts. It takes a lot of time. First, they edit the existing board document. After that, print the materials, sort out, and distribute them into folders.

Moreover, looking for specific data becomes a nightmare. Directors reread the same information many times until they get to what they were trying to find.

Digital board books save time for everyone involved. Modern and user-friendly virtual dashboards instantly demonstrate the documents users need on the screen, which helps directors devote more time to more significant tasks.

Access to the platform is available to an unlimited number of people as long as they have a device at hand.

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2. Increased engagement of the board directors

As you can see, there are more than enough benefits. But still, there is another one that is of great importance to the organization – engagement.

The paper version burdens directors, while the virtual one attracts with its ease of use. Chiefs are more willing to take an active part in meetings and have more time operating a convenient tool.

Those who strive to develop and achieve lofty goals do their best to attract and maximize the impact of each team member. For this, it is necessary to provide a positive working environment. According to user reviews, a digital board book is one of the conditions. Technology makes many difficult things simple, and directors become more active and efficient. More information about board meeting software was prepared by our team.

3. Digital board books lead to data-driven decisions

Management information is always the basis of decisions made by the board of directors. Budget allocation, potential risks, and compliance with strategies depend on these decisions. Therefore, the orderliness of the relevant materials is a prerequisite for effective and coordinated cooperation.

As the experience of organizations shows, traditional board books somewhat hinder the achievement of the desired results.

4. Data is results-oriented

For example, a company may report historical and projected trends in the number of customer subscriptions without providing a breakdown of how the product range has changed across its customer base over the period. The digital board books include information relevant to long-term performance.

5. Improper distribution of responsibilities between managers

Report on sales data by product line, which is the task of managers in different regions. If the goal is to improve accountability, results should be relevant to the responsibilities of individual managers. Supplementing information allows you to measure efficiency better. It is easier to achieve with digital board books.

6. Data without important context for the organization

Board books take a tremendous amount of time to bring performance closer to planning. However, in doing so, they miss a crucial context, such as efficiencies, market trends, and outcomes. Digital board books are a reliable solution to fix this problem, keeping everything you need in one place that is simple to manage.

7. Controlled accesses and permissions

Digital board books are also about security. The content of the platform is protected, so third parties cannot access it. Administrators set a certain level of access for other users. It means that each of them has access to specific data and nothing more.

By choosing the traditional method, a company runs the risk of suffering breaches and leakage afterward. The paper format always involves risks, being more accessible. A secure platform consists of mechanisms that prevent dire consequences for directors. The security guarantee does not complicate the program. Authorized users can still manage and find data with ease. Business today cannot survive without modern solutions. They also serve to gain an advantage over competitors and meet the most optimistic expectations. Digital board books support customers to achieve these goals.

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