Five tips to help boards attract top generation Z talent

Five tips to help boards attract top generation Z talent

Updated: March 24, 2020
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Generation Z
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63 million generation Z job seekers (those born as early as 1995) are poised to disrupt the workforce in the coming years. These workers are digital natives, not knowing a time when libraries and encyclopedias were necessary for research.

As such, ‘Z’ is a generation that differs more from its predecessors than any others in history.

The values of this age group are unique. Their perspectives and attitudes often contrast with those of millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers.

This group is the future, if not the here and now. It only makes sense for them to fill roles throughout organizations. In many cases, they’re in tune with the digital world that utterly confounds many older generations. This notion encapsulates one primary reason (amongst others) why Gen Z could make an ideal fit for any business.

Successfully attracting such job seekers starts at the top—meaning with the board. A company’s directors must establish and implement a big-picture recruitment initiative catered towards Gen Z.

For boards that aren’t sure of where to start, follow the tips in this blog for an insightful starting point:

Promote work-life balance

38% of Gen Z sees work-life balance as a top-priority, trouncing many previous generations in that department.

Meaning, boards must ensure they are positioning themselves as a company that cares about employees beyond the goings-on in the office.

One way to establish a company that prioritizes this crucial balance is enforcing a 9-5 workday—meaning, nobody stays past 5 o’clock, as a hard rule.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with remote work so that employees can take a much-needed breather if they’re beginning to feel burnt out.

Diversify touchpoints

This generation is going to be utilizing digital mediums and platforms in their day-to-day life like the rest of us breathe oxygen.

It’s easy to be that company who thinks that anybody who wants a job should follow the standard email/cover letter/follow-up phone-call approach. But when an organization is so stuck in its ways, it flies in the face of Gen Z culture and surely won’t attract top tier talent in that age range.

There’s a need to be creative and intuitive with touchpoints.

Yes, LinkedIn is very professional as well, but why not dig deeper to attract Gen Z candidates? Think about being accessible on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit, where possible.

That’s how organizations and boards can dig into the layers of Gen Z culture and appeal to their needs as professionals.

Prioritize promptness

Top-performing Gen Z’ers will be seeking out the best opportunities available. In fact, they’ll be reversing the job-seeking process as many organizations know it. It’ll almost be like these job seekers are interviewing companies to see if they’re the best fit.

They come from the instant gratification culture and aren’t necessarily going to be loyal or have their heart set on one “prestigious” company. Instead, they’ll look for what’s the best place to be, right now.

With that need for instant gratification in mind, don’t take too much time to respond to these candidates’ job queries. They’re not waiting around for a phone-call and twiddling their thumbs. Gen Z’ers, when hearing nothing within a couple of days via text or email, will have already found another opportunity.

Focus on development

Of course, a Gen Z employee isn’t going to subject themselves to a rigorous work schedule for peanuts. Still, money isn’t everything to this group.

What Gen Z seeks is the chance to grow and develop. Stagnating and finding one’s self in a holding pattern, doesn’t appeal to them in the slightest. These individuals want to feel like they’re moving forward and “leveling up,” so to speak.

As such, at the crux of hiring campaigns for Gen Z should be room to grow and a built-in framework to cultivate growth potential.

Beyond that, implementing succession planning and mentorships within the organization will play into establishing such a culture.

Technology is a difference-maker

Any board with an organization that doesn’t see the value of high-end technology shouldn’t bank on being successful in hiring Gen Z talent.

recent study showed that 91% of 12,000 surveyed Gen Z teens say that the technology offered by an employer would influence their job choice.

As the digital generation, this group of job seekers will find it frustrating and discouraging to work for a company with technology that seems like it’s from the stone ages.

Conversely, they’ll see organizations with up to date (if not state-of-the-art) tech as a current, trendy, and highly attractive potential employers.

Are you part of a board that feels a bit out of touch with the next generation of employees? Well, you’re not alone, and all you can really do is learn as you go. Fortunately, with the above tips, you’ll be on the right track towards hiring the most high-performing Gen Z talent on the job market. 

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