Introducing RSVPs and Actions

Introducing RSVPs and Actions

Updated: May 17, 2024
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We’re excited to announce some brand new features designed to streamline your meetings and keep your team on top of things.

RSVP: Never miss a meeting again

With our new RSVP feature, invitees can now easily respond to meeting invitations within the Board via the meeting screen or the Dashboard. Or they can simply use their meeting invitation.

Corporate secretaries now receive detailed RSVP responses via email. Board automatically tracks responses too, meaning you’ll have a clear picture of who’s attending beforehand, allowing you to plan and adjust accordingly. 

The email invitations and reminders make it a breeze for secretaries to send prompts to those who haven’t yet responded.

Action Items: Take control of your meeting follow-ups

Our brand-new Actions feature allows you to create and assign action items directly within Board. Set due dates, assign responsible parties, and keep your to-do list organized – all in one place.

Complete your actions with a note or attach the requested document. Secretaries will get notified and can access the action results in a safe environment of iDeals Board.

Both team members and secretaries can view all actions for the group, as well as any that are individually assigned to them. We’ve added automatic reminders too, taking the burden of chasing responses from the secretaries.

Additional updates

  • Documents: eSignatures get an upgrade
    Signed documents will now automatically include the signatures when downloaded.
  • Refreshed UI
    We’ve cleaned up the visuals for creating and editing agenda items, making the process even smoother.

We’re confident that these new features will take your meetings and team productivity to the next level. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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