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The Evolving Role of the Corporate Secretary

corporate secretary

There are three consistent factors involved throughout the operations of most boards of directors: Institutional investors necessitate increased engagement There’s a growing emphasis centered around corporate sustainability Boards are expected to have a firmer grasp on a broader scope of topics, such as: Cybersecurity Human capital Company culture The impact of these various aspects necessitates…

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the Boardroom

artificial intelligence

Implementation of artificial intelligence and automation in the boardroom – of all places – doesn’t really seem to jive with conventional wisdom. Boardrooms conjure the most significant decisions about an organization’s past, present, and future. This necessitates in-depth thought—which traditionally isn’t something that can be automated in any shape or form. Realistically, can AI be…

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What Are Circular Motions?

circular motion agreement

When the board of directors of an organization signs a document with wording implicating that they are in favor of the proposed resolution, it’s called a circular motion. Companies with established procedures will utilize circular motions instead of passing a resolution at a convened board meeting. Circular motions are appropriate for routine resolutions that rouse…

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Types of Board Committees

a board committee during a board meeting

The work of a board of directors is accomplished through an array of smaller groups within its sphere.  Boards commonly leverage standing, ad hoc, advisory, steering, and executive committees to ensure optimal efficiency. Every board of directors needs to be diligent about assessing their committee structure. For instance, in a leaner organization, limiting the number…

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